The End of Performance Appraisals

Performance reviews have been a controversial topic to address within companies in recent years.  Firms like General Electrics, Adobe or Microsoft are examples of organizations that have eliminated annual performance rankings and that are currently […]

Leadership: 24% genetic and 76% learned?

The concept of leadership has exponentially increased its importance over time, and nowadays is deeply extended in the business environment. In recent years, the figure of the charismatic and enterprising leader has emerged fundamental for […]

GRP Group Management Promotions January 2017

Marc Lloret has been promoted Partner. Throughout these years, he has been a referent for clients and senior professionals, working along the international growth and expansion of the company.  Thanks to his expertise and coaching […]

The demand for independent advisors increases in SMEs and family businesses

Having highly qualified and specialized independent advisors with a broad experience in a specific sector is vital for companies, whether they are multinationals or subsidiaries, family companies or others of a certain size.

Independent advisors provide […]